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SAC website: Northwest 750 kV power grid into the
In recent days, journalists travel more than 3,000 kilometers of 750 kilovolt power grid construction in the first-line construction everywhere feel the fiery scene. Currently, Northwest 750 kV grid has entered the construction phase.

Lanzhou East - silver - Yinchuan East project is the second demonstration project of 750 kV after the State approved the construction of a 750 kilovolt project, plans for completion in October 2008. More than 370 km line length, transformer capacity 2.1 million kilowatts, 750 kV outlet 10 back. Now line construction work is being carried out.

Reporters in Yinchuan East 750 kV substation learn: the station uses the 750 kV substation of flexible steel frames for the domestic highest, most important, most of the structure, the maximum mounting height of 58.7 meters, lifting difficult, demanding to install, a number of technology are the National Capital. At 6:00 on August 31, currently the largest transformer in the station of a successful place, Yinchuan East 750 kilovolt substation equipment installation has entered a critical stage.

One of the Yellow River Cascade Hydropower Station sent LAXIWA supporting the project 750 kV, with an average altitude of 2700 meters, the highest altitude of 3860 meters. The majority of builders to overcome the poor environment, effective and shorter construction period difficult to step up the construction, at present, Xining substation foundation construction has a zero meter tower group set to enter the peak construction period.

750 kV Lanzhou East - Pingliang - Dry County Power Transmission Project is the backbone of 750 kilovolt power engineering, construction management unit wide application of new technologies, new processes, ensure quality and progress. Lanzhou East Substation Phase II, Phase III expansion of GIS equipment based system using the new technology of concrete pouring, to ensure that no cracks in the main base. 750 kV substation construction Pingliang substation for the first time in the domestic use of reinforced concrete piles of enlarged ram approach, to guarantee the quality, shorten the construction period, the purpose of cost savings.

"Eleventh Five-Year" period, the Northwest Power Grid 750 kV project will initially be built covering the five northwest provinces (autonomous regions) of the 750 kV grid the sender. By then, the Northwest Power Grid will fully meet the demand for electricity in the region on the basis of further increase capacity of electric power in the Northwest.

Northwest Power Grid Ltd, told reporters that the energy resources in the Northwest region rich in energy resources to accelerate development and construction of the Northwest, is to implement the national energy policy, the implementation of western development, and promote electric power, and achieve coordinated development of the Northwest regional economy is an important task . Currently, the Northwest Company to actively implement the National Grid Company and the five northwestern provinces (autonomous regions) in the spirit of the government summary of the talks, the situation and proposed the implementation of "export-oriented, send type, scale type" network development strategy, building strong and the Northwest Power Grid, open up the outbound channel to achieve a wider range of optimal allocation of resources.

Northwest Power Grid in accordance with the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", 2008, Northwest put into operation the whole network will total 750 kV "12 Station 12 Line", the line length of 2827 km, transformer capacity of 13,300,000 KVA. Currently, the "12 stations of 12 lines" in accordance with the milestone plan is being accelerated. By 2010, the Northwest Power Transmission capacity will reach 32 million kilowatts.

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