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A Profile of the Company

    MasterCard Liaoning Electric Power Co., Ltd. is a manufacture and installation of electrical network in the Northeast has the capability of independent innovation Intellectual Property Bureau of the professional design, manufacture 500KV power transmission steel pole, steel tower, steel support structure substation equipment, transmission line towers, and manufacturing large steel products and dust removal equipment and professional firms. At the same time with the design, manufacture lighting poles, traffic sign posts, traffic lights pole and 110KV and below transmission, power supply, power facilities installed technical capacity, with urban and road lighting engineering contractor for installing the second grade qualification and (repair, test) three qualified power facilities permit.

    Companies and organizations set up a sales company, production department, technology department, quality department, design and development department, Finance Department, Comprehensive Department. Existing staff of 260 people, including a mid-level professional title of project management and technical personnel 75 people, 10 senior technical staff, sales personnel 12 people, 170 skilled workers. Assets of the company 50 million yuan, covers an area of 50000m2, building area of 16500m2.

Second, the main products

    Our main products are 500KV electricity steel rod, steel tower, steel support structure substation equipment, transmission line tower; large steel structure, dust removal equipment; road light pole, traffic sign posts, traffic lights pole, landscape lights, garden lights, lawn, etc. 200 kinds of products. Annual output of up to tons. The main equipment and technology imported from Europe and America, and its production technology and product quality to achieve industry-leading level.

Third, the equipment

1. The main production equipment:
    Belgian production Z-WDE1000/60 × 2 双 linkage 2000t bending machine, PPT700/30 hydraulic bending machine; ED-5-1000 multi-functional automatic submerged arc welding; NC tower production line 4; CDP20 blasting line; corrosion product line; FKR-500, YM-350KR gas shielded welding machine; HWPH800/60 CNC flame plasma cutting machine; JZ-150 steel straightening machine; BL2020 NC steel joint production line; PPD103 CNC hydraulic punch drilling complex machine; Z3080 × 25 radial drilling machine; Z3060 × 20 Radial drilling machine; J53-100A double-disc friction press; tilting press; PP130 CNC plate punching machine; planer, shapers, lathes and other equipment to meet the needs of the production of various products.
2. Lifting equipment:
    LD-10t30 m gantry cranes; LD-10t18 m gantry cranes; 10 t 12 electric single-girder cranes, DQ-16t/3.2t double girder crane 1 set, 5 t 1 set forklifts, cranes coverage of 90%.
3. Inspection, test equipment:
    XXQ2005X ray detection machine, CTS-22 ultrasonic flaw detector, the chemical analysis laboratory, hydraulic universal testing machines, WA-600 universal testing machine physics, 34W portable spectroscope Mirror, TT260 assumed layer thickness gauge, digital calipers, TG328A analysis scales, weld inspection feet, 9516 Dingtan meter, 721 Vis, Sulphur absorption spectrometer, TT300 ultrasonic thickness gauge and other equipment on the company's product inspection and testing.

Fourth, sales

    My company for the domestic, based on the Northeast market. Has Shenyang, Dalian, Liaoyang, Fuxin, Panjin, Benxi, Dandong, Fushun, Tieling, Jinzhou, Haicheng, Chaoyang, Yingkou, Linghai, Changchun, Tianjin, Jilin, Yichun, Hailar, Huolinhe, Baicheng to output a large number of electrical products and steel, dust removal equipment and other products, updated for the urban grid, enterprise transformation, and city lighting engineering equipment to make a contribution.

V. Honor

    I observe the credibility of the company to the contract, the user first for the purpose, product quality, timely service, the user has set a good corporate image, has won a good business reputation. I produced the steel tower in 2000 was named the People's Government of Anshan City, Anshan City brand. Since 2001, Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau of Liaoning Province was named as "the contract and keeping promises", the Liaoning Provincial Quality Supervision, Inspection and awarded the "credibility of the quality assurance unit"; 2002 Certification Co., Ltd. certified by the Northeast through the environment, quality, occupational safety and health management system, three; 2002 by the Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Agency identified as "high-tech enterprise"; 2003 by the PRC Ministry of Personnel, the National Postdoctoral Management Committee is designated as "post-doctoral research station"; 2004 by the IRS and the Anshan Anshan Local Taxation Bureau as the A-class taxpayers; 2005, "MasterCard" brand of Anshan City in Liaoning Province and Business Administration as a "famous trademark." End of 2005, the Liaoning Industry and Commerce Administration as "Liaoning Province." 2006 Anshan City of Industry, was awarded the "exempt company" certificate of honor by the Chinese business reputation Training Center awarded "AAA + quality and reputation"; 2007 was "Science and technology achievement transformation project that certificate"; 2008 was a "national quality supervision of qualified certificate. " The company many times over the years by the provincial, municipal and national recognition and awards relevant departments. "

    The company will be first-class technology, first-class management, first-class equipment, first-class products, first-class service, first-class reputation welcome domestic and foreign friends to visit.

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